Thursday 19 April 2012

The actor has changed, but the story is the same

Thursday 19 April 2012


" The Arab Spring "

which is now a reference to many changes in the Arab World

was a total surprise to many of us ,

to the educated and the lesser educated,

to the pessimists and to the lesser optimists

to the fatalists and even to the leftists.

At this stage,

I stop and reflect and clearly remember that

Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsveld
both have once announced to us:

The New Middle East

Then ,

Barak Obama came to the Cairo University

to inject us with an over-doze of diplomatic-opium

in which he painted to us yet another fairy-tale.

That fairy-tale was nothing else but this :


First ,
you dispose of the disposables :

Ben Ali,Mubarak and Qaddafi

you preserve the usable :

Bahrain and Yemen

and finally,

you try to get rid of the annoy-ables :

Syria, Iran and the Resistance (Hezbollah)

Rumsveld and Cheney have just passed over this task to Obama:

therefore , it is nothing else than the previously announced

" New Middle East " ........

designed in Washington and planned in Langley.

Good-night Folks !!

tomorrow I might discover yet another reason to be more frustrated.

Raja Chemayel!]


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